Pathway to Freedom


About the course

The course aims to educate on the enemy's tactics and offer biblical principles for achieving freedom. Keeping Jesus as the center and key to deliverance and abundant life.

16 Lessons

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Jesus & the Jewish Exorcists (Luke 11: 14-19)

The Finger of God & the Strong Man (Luke 11: 20-22)

A House Swept Clean (Luke 11: 23-26)

How to Stay Free - 3 Things Jesus Emphasizes (Luke 11: 27-32)

Renewing the Mind - The Lamp, the Eye & Light (Luke 11: 33-36)

Pathway to Freedom

The Sin Issue

Depression & Oppression

Triune Salvation (Spirit, Soul & Body)

How to Know If You Are Not Free

The Enemy's Strategy

How Does Bondage Come

Keys To Freedom


Give No Place

The New Covenant

Freedom From Fear

Prayer For Freedom