The Prophetic

Teaching by Francois Botes on the Prophetic.

Francois has been in the Prophetic ministry for over 40 years and ministers internationally.

Francois Botes studied piano , voice and organ and classical music. At the age of 12 Francois already was appointed as an organist . He is especially gifted as a composer , composing is his favourite musical subject . Today he writes most used songs himself .He served in church as a musician until 1988 when he then entered full-time music profession in Scottsdale USA .

11 Lessons

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The 3 Levels Of Prophecy

The Ministry of The Prophet

Discerment of Spirits

False Prophets

How to Judge Prophetic Words

The Development of the Prophetic Office



As in the Days of Noah

Mark 13 Verse 20

Psalm 2